HPA fles 4500psi PE 0,8l E.LITE Series Armotech SupraLite

€ 199,00

HPA bottle 4500psi PE 0,8l E.LITE Series Armotech SupraLite lichtgewicht fles

The E.LITE product family is growing!

The 0.8 l version of the supralite bottle (powered by Armotech) is a compact solution for all tournament and Woodland players.

With a weight (without regulator) of only 550 grams and a length of 17.7 cm, it is one of the lightest bottles worldwide in this format. Simply SupraLite and SupraCompact!

The low weight is achieved by the combination of a high-quality stainless steel core wrapped with modern high-tech fibers. This intelligent design makes the bottle additionally very safe.

For the perfect look, the elegant Planet Eclipse design is protected by a durable and transparent coating.

Technical Data (without Regulator):
Capacity: 0,8 l / 48ci
Max. pressure: 4500 psi
Weight: 550 gr
Length: 17,7 cm
Diamter: 9,9 cm
Re-hydro inspection 5 years
Maximum period of use 10 years
Air fill ony

This air tank is TÜV/PI certified and can be used within europe.

fles is exclusief regulator