Tracer Unit Acetech Predator MKIII zwart

€ 139,95

ACETECH offers a PREDATOR MKIII CNC aluminum silencer with integrated BLASTER M plotter to simulate the firing flash at the end of the barrel, ideal to be able to play the green tracer ball on your airsoft gun and have a realistic shooting effect.


  • Suitable for AEG / GBBR
  • Even more realistic effect with the gas evacuation of a GBBR
  • Modern and aggressive design
  • Powerful and very bright UV LED
  • Realistic end-of-barrel firing flash simulator
  • Detachable integrated Tracer Blaster M
  • Flash hider QD 14mm CCW in steel
  • Diameter 42mm
  • Compatible with green beads up to 0.32 grams
  • Recharging by micro USB
  • Integrated battery
  • Full recharge in about 2.5 hours
  • Autonomy of around 20,000 shots
  • CNC Aluminum composition
  • Design without ignition switch, turns on by itself when movement is detected
  • Waterproof IP64
  • Flash only mode / Plotter only / Plotter + flash
  • Packaged in an ABS box
  • Laser markings
  • High quality of finish
  • made in taiwan