powair 0,25ltr carbon fles

€ 184,95

PowAir TACTICAL Line Composite HP system with a filling volume of 16ci / 0.25L and a working pressure of 300 bar / 4500 PSI. The bottle is equipped with a PowAir MaxReg regulator. This is adjustable in the outlet pressure and offers some interesting features as standard such as double O-rings, filling nipple with microfilter, pressure reduction by means of Shimps (more constant than springs!) And much more.

The TACTICAL Line bottle was specially developed for use in the MagFed area. With its 50mm diameter, it fits in any standard Air-Stock shoulder rest. Due to the higher filling pressure and the 0.25L volume, you can fire up to 60% more shots with this bottle than with conventional 200 bar aluminum systems of the same size.

Due to the area of application in MagFed Sport, the bottle is kept in tactical black on the outside.

The bottle is compatible with all commercially available 300 bar / 4500 PSI Paintball HP regulators.

Compared to an Armotech 0.25L 300 bar bottle, the new PowAir Tactical Line bottle is 2 cm longer, but 10% lighter and with the same volume.

Product details of the PowAir TACTICAL Line 0.25L HP system:
magfed bottle
- Length: 27 cm
- Diameter: 50mm
- Weight: 380g (bottle + regulator)
- Volume: 0.25 liters / 16ci
- Filling pressure: 300 bar / 4500 PSI
- Bursting pressure 450 bar / 6750 PSI