V-Force Grill black 2.0

€ 129,95

V Force Grill 2.0


Already popular with many players around the world, the Grill 2.0 continues to impress with new features. Apart from the mask lens frame, which is compatible with the Grill 1.0 mask lenses, all other areas of the mask have been redesigned.


The ultra-light mask construction has new ear pieces, a plug'n'play mask foam that can be replaced without gluing, a removable visor and a completely redesigned mouth area made of flexible plastic.


- Very large field of view
- Compatible with Grill 1.0 thermal glasses
- Flexible mouthguard that provokes bouncers
- Redesigned earpieces
- Mask foam replaceable without tools and gluing
- Incl. chin strap and visor