Balystik SMR200 - Super Mini regulator set

€ 107,95

Balystik SMR200 - Super Mini regulator - is Very light with a weight of 120gr only, it is compatible with SLP and high pressure tanks. the regulator comes with High quality air line made of extreme flexible macroflex rubber and reinforced with a nylon braided sheath for extra mobility and twist risk reduction. It is equipped with US male and US QD female fittings.

Feature :

  • Entry pressure : 200 - 1500 PSI
  • SLP and HP compatible
  • High refresh rate
  • Output pressure 40 - 140 PSI with pre-installed spring
  • Output pressure 80 - 210 PSI with additional spring delivered
  • Entry thread : ASA
  • Output thread : 1/8 NPT female X 1
  • Tournament lock : The pressure adjustment screw can be blocked by installing a collar
  • Weight : 120gr
  • If you plan to play under 140 PSI, keep the original spring already installed, don't use the high pressure spring.
  •  Diameter 31 mm, height 58 mm excluding coupler and pressure gauge. Coupler and manometer length included 72 mm

Included in the package :

  • SMR200 Regulator with US female QD coupler fitted
  • Additional high pressure spring 80-210 PSI
  • Pressure adjustement HEX key
  • 40 inch / 103cm macroflex nylon braided hose US version

The set Does not include Male Quick Disconnect QD Fitting Assembly on gun side.

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